Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Xinhe Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hang Mingzhu Science and Technology Industrial Park, Fuyu Industrial Zone, Shajing Street, a beautiful environment with an area of 3,000 square meters. Products and services related to non-standard automation parts and components, hardware, auto parts production and processing; automation equipment R & D design and sales; product distribution at home and abroad, is an industry-rich, with a certain amount of processing and manufacturing enterprises and in 2017 Successful application has made IOS 9001: 2016 quality management system certification. Scientific and reasonable organizational structure, a clear division of labor, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Production, Finance, Administration, Marketing, Purchasing Department, Commodity Inspection Department, warehouse management department. Companies dozens of professional and technical personnel, to complete from the vision, construction, design, a map, production, assembly, testing, sales and a series of processes.While strengthening internal collaboration, the company is also gradually improving its hardware facilities. The existing 800 × 500mm Taiwan Seiki eight sets, on the basis of the fourth axis installed to achieve more features, more complex parts processing. A 1000 × 600mm rigid high-rigidity machine Taiwan four, to achieve large-size steel to quickly feed, precision machining. General milling perfect parts of the rapid processing, reduce costs.



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